PRP treatment for hair loss in women

PRP For Women in UK

It is a very common scenario when you shed some amount of hair on a regular basis, but when this quantity gets becomes huge number that too every single day then it something to be scared if. Hair loss has become a primary concern for women nowadays.

Various reasons are there behind this problem. Some of the common causes of hair loss in women are:

Hereditary :

This is one very common yet helpless cause of hair loss in women. If your parents or grandparents have had hair loss problems at a certain age in their life, then you are also likely to face it at that particular age in your life too. This cause is such which cannot be prevented but tried to be cured.

Thyroid problems :

Thyroid problem often leads to hair loss. Most significant symptom of thyroid is excessive weight gain though.

Emotional or physical shock :

If you have emotionally or physically shocked due to the happening of any event, then your hair roots are prematurely pushed into its resting stage. Although after a few months the hair follicles again become active and new hair growth starts.

Styling pattern :

The way you style your hair also determines the hair loss density. If you tend to pull your hair back to tight in order to tie into a pony tail or a bun, then the roots of your hair weakens and excessive hair starts falling.

The symptoms of hair loss are very obvious and visible to the eye. Some are described below:

Permanent hair loss:

Unlike men where baldness is a frequent pattern faced by them, women do not face this severe problem. For women hair loss is limited to thinning of their hair in the front region, sides or crown. In a very acute situation do women suffer complete hair loss problems. Permanent hair loss is also experienced by women in cases of inflamed scalp.

Temporary hair loss:

This occurs generally due to emotional stress. In this situation the hair generally starts falling in certain areas in the form of patches. But here the hair loss is not jost limited to the scalp, but instead it can extend to any region where hair is present, including eyebrows, eye lashes or facial hair.

Age limit :

There is no age limit for hair loss to occur. It can start from your teenage and go on until you are in your late 70s as well.

Many different remedies are available for hair loss nowadays. From home different kind of shampoos to different medication recommended by doctors, a variety of diagnostics are followed. But one new therapy followed by Nu Hair clinic to cure hair loss is the Platelet rich plasma or PRP method. Through this technique, doctors use the patient’s own blood to heal them. By increasing the platelet cells in the body through PRP, the body naturally heals its wounded areas, thereby strengthening hair roots and increasing hair growth.

Who should go in for PRP technique?

Women suffering from extreme hair falling problems, thinning of hair and baldness patterns should opt for PRP technique. This treatment may also include other medical treatments like Minoxidil and Propercia as supplements.

Side effects of PRP method :

In this procedure, since inflammation is used in the wounded region, a few side effects may be felt. This can include mild pain and a sense of discomfort in the area where the PRP is injected. But this mild discomfort results in great results.

Prp procedure :

This technique involves drawing the patient’s blood and centrifuging it, which in turn will collect the plasma with platelets in the tube. This plasma is useful for healing and in tissue regeneration. It is then injected onto the scalp in areas which is suffering from hair loss. And gradually it strengthens the hair roots and results in hair growth.

Complexity and safety :

This technique is safe for many patients except those who have infection in their scalp or any history of viral infections. The only complexity arising from this is the mild swelling of the area which is being treated, but that also heals in a few days.

Post care :

Once the treatment is done, occlusive dressing is applied for further enhancement of the PRP effects. You can go back to normal, nut need to protect your scalp from the heat of the sun to avoid irritation.

Price :

The price of this treatment varies, but approximately ranges between Rs.4000-15000 per session.

Before and after :

You can yourself the see the vast difference in the image below before the treatment of PRP and after the treatment. The wonderful effects can be visibly seen.

Listen to our patient’s story :

One of the clients at Nu Hair Clinic shares his wonderful experience with us and says that “ I was suffering from acute hair fall problems and could see that it was getting worse by the day. Hearing about the PRP treatment I immediately went up for it and to my surprise; I had great hair growth immediately after the session was over. Apart from mild discomfort there was no other side effect. This treatment did wonders to my hair and brought my beauty back.”

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