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Patient Stories

I just wanted to say thanks to Nu Clinic team for the excellent work they did on my increasingly receding hairline. Initially I went for advice with Dr Ganadinni as I started losing loads of hair as soon as I came to UK. The initial chat was around how we can prevent it without going for the full scale transplant. After following his advice for few months I decided to have the transplant itself. I was offered the choice whether I can have it in UK or India as I frequently travel between the two places. Eventually I settled for the option in UK and had the consultation/post op appointment in Nottingham and treatment in Liverpool. I am very pleased with the results and it has not created a dent in my pocket as it was affordable. Thanks to Nu for such a lovely job. Will highly recommend
—K Patel, Nottingham.

I feel really confident after my hair transplant – thanks Nu Clinic

After going for few consultations for my receding hair line and hair loss around the scalp area i decided to go ahead for my hair transplant (FUE) treatment with Nu Clinic. I have been to many clinic for consultation however they were different as i was seen by the doctor himself (Dr Kunnure). The consultation lasted an hour and was given every opportunity to understand everything and have a clear idea what can be achieved. This was followed by the clinic co-ordinator who then arranged everything for me. The whole process was done very systematically and i was given clear post op advice with follow up instructions. I am almost 6 months into it and have already seen the hair grow back. This has helped me to improve my confidence and feel young again. I will highly recommend them as my experience has been very positive so far.

— Samuel L Wright, United Kingdom .

Well Happy :)!

I had Great Service from the very first Contact to having my Procedure and im made up with my Results, i would highly recommend NU to anyone.

— Neil Bates, United Kingdom.

Nu cosmetic clinic is one of the best clinic for hair transplantation

Nu cosmetic clinic is one of the best clinic for hair transplantation, who have great experience surgeons and advanced technology under a single roof. You can take their services and forget male or women baldness. before some time I also suffered from baldness, but now I don’t care about it. Thanx to Nu.

— Sandis, India.

Very friendly and professional service!

I have just started receiving treatment for hair removal at NuCosmetic and therefore have yet to see the full affects but the service is professional and the staff are friendly and very informative. I have had unprofessional and bad treatment in the past, and feel very reassured and confident that this treatment is going to be a dream come true for me!

— Kathleen, United Kingdom.

Brilliant results delivered by an excellent service!

NU Clinic is worth going to, the staff are funny, friendly, reassuring and no way judgemental. I achieved excellent results with my treatments and booked myself in for more! One place you won’t be wasting your money in.

— Dee Norris, United Kingdom.


The doctors are really good in hair transplant, i am really impressed. Excellent long term hair plan, restored my confidence thank you. What you see is what you really get. Well worth the wait and the money. No words to describe the exceptional service, excellent staff and the encouraging SMILES!!!

— K Basu, India.


Hi I was looking for clinics a few years ago, I had three consultations with clinics in my area I decided to go with NU Hair Clinic it was the only clinic that really explained a long term plan, the package I took was HT plus 3 treatments of Prp within the first six months my hair looks great, I still go back for Prp treatments to help keep my hair strong. I sent my friend to them who couldn’t afford the same package but NU Hair Clinic offered a India package that was a lot cheaper he sent a few nights there and continued his aftercare back in the UK hope this helps

Good Luck

— Cotty, United Kingdom.