Mesotherapy in Liverpool

Liverpool residents will be glad to find out that Mesotherapy is now available in town and this non surgical, cosmetic treatment is just around the corner. There is no need now for people to go elsewhere for the treatment. The chemical injections required for this is easily available in town now.

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Mesotherapy in Liverpool

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a series of chemical injections that are intended to break up localized fat deposits, tighten sagging skin, especially around the neck, reduce the appearance of cellulite and body contouring to name a few. It can also assist in reducing pain and replenishing hair loss in both men and women.

The injection is introduced into the mesoderm (the layer of fat and tissue underneath the skin)

Who is eligible for Mesotherapy?

Any person who is looking for body sculpting, cellulite treatment, weight loss, skin rejuvenation and hair growth is eligible for mesotherapy. There is no specific age limit for mesotherapy.

The traditional indications include:

    • Treatment of pain involving the joints, muscles, nerves and skin.
    • Treatment of lymphatic or vascular disorder (painful, puffy and restless legs) and diseases like acne or zona.

Aesthetic indications include:

      • Improvement of localized fat deposits and cellulite.
      • Improvement of the skin texture, wrinkling, volume, pigmentation and sagging.

What is the procedure of Mesotherapy?

The treatment differs based on whether it is aimed at treating diseases or rather aesthetic indications.

For traditional diseases, the technique consists of treating localized problem areas by injecting drugs in multiple, small doses every week or twice in a week with high efficiency and low side effects. The skin is used as a reservoir for a slow and permanent diffusion of the drugs.
For aesthetic indications, injections of rather important doses of sterile cosmetic and nutriments re given in the target area to produce a local and direct effect.

What could be the risk factors?

The risks of mesotherapy are quite low and as of now there have been no reported fatalities of the treatment. It is assumed that the risks are more prevalent in areas where medical guidelines are more relaxed or when a trained professional doesn’t perform the treatment.

The only risk associated with mesotherapy is severe skin infection. However, this happens if the procedure is performed in an unclean environment. Side effects too, are extremely rare and less serious.

Who should not opt Mesotherapy?

Almost anyone can opt for mesotherapy. But, people with skin ailments, diabetes, dermal inflammations, haemophilia and pregnancy should not opt for this as it may deteriorate or further hamper their health condition.

Can someone do other treatment simultaneously?

Yes, other treatments can run side by side. Botox injection along with Finastride and Minoxidil can simultaneously be used while undergoing this treatment.

Mesotherapy for men :

Mesotherapy may not be a very common term for men. But it has quietly taken its place among hair loss solutions and for the treatment of male pattern baldness.

Mesotherapy for women :

Mesotherapy is an extremely effective non-surgical solution for hair loss among women. It also helps to improve the thickness of dull and thin hair.

Before and after :

In general, patients are advised not to wear makeup for at least 4 hours after the treatment and not take hot showers for at least 6 – 8 hours. Patients are also recommended a high protein meal and are advised to avoid caffeine or other stimulants before the treatment.

Patients also need to follow a low salt or low sodium diet for the first two weeks in order to prevent your results from being masked due to fluid retention over the mesotherapy period.

Exercise, although not mandatory, is quite helpful at the time of and post mesotherapy. It is advised that the same be resumed as early as 48 hours after the procedure.

Before and after

Why to opt for Mesotherapy treatment in Liverpool

Guess the details given above are more than enough for the residents of Liverpool to understand that mesotherapy (hair treatment for men and women) would be a good option for anyone who is suffering from hair loss problem and to avail the superior kind of treatment one should always opt for Nuhair clinic in Liverpool. This applies for both men and women, who can now have a better understanding of this treatment by fixing an appointment with the technical expert.

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