5 Reasons to Undergo Eyebrow Transplant or Eyebrow Restoration

Reasons-for-Eyebrow-RestorationThere are all sorts of reasons why your eyebrows don’t look healthy, and why you are experiencing hair loss. When it comes to the eyebrow loss, there are several factors that cause this condition: over plucking, irritation, genetic factor, unhealthy diet and various medical conditions. Sometimes, with the proper care and remedies, you can grow them back, but sometimes the only thing you can do is eyebrow transplantation. Here is the list of the five most common reasons that prevent the eyebrow growth.


Constant plucking can sometimes seriously damage the eyebrows. Your eyebrows could simply stop growing and you have no other options but to draw them on or to consider eyebrow restoration. Overplucking can cause sparse hair, ingrown hairs, different kinds of infections and follicle damage. Of course, this doesn’t mean that plucking is always dangerous, just try to be moderate doing it.


There are several factors that can stop the growth of the eyebrows, and genetics is certainly one of them. While some people hate the really thick eyebrows they inherited, others have quite a different problem. In this case the best treatment you can get is probably an eyebrow transplantation. The whole procedure is somewhat the same as the hair transplantation, but you need to take care of them after the surgery and use prescribed remedies.


In some cases, inappropriate nutrition is the reason for eyebrow loss. Eat a healthy, well balanced diet in order to prevent this. Make sure you take enough nutrients such as proteins, folic acid and vitamins. Food which is high in folic acid, and which you need to include in your diet, are carrots, asparagus, avocado, broccoli and different citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit or papaya.

Accidents and burns

Another reason for hair loss are different kinds of physical trauma such as car accidents, surgeries and illnesses or any other physical stress. Some of them cause only a temporary loss and the eyebrows will start growing back once the body starts to recover.

Medical reasons

Temporary eyebrow loss occurs during chemotherapy. Since this kind of therapy cause complete hair loss, the eyebrows are also affected. However, upon the completion of the process, after some time the hair, including eyebrows will regrow. On the other hand there are certain medical condition that cause the permanent loss and severe damage of the hair follicles.


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