4 Tips for Post-Operative Care After Hair Transplantation

hair-transplantation-post-operative-tipsAlthough hair transplantation is a simple surgery, the whole procedure of post-operative care is quite delicate. As long as you are taking the prescribed medication, and follow the instruction you were given, there shouldn’t be any unwanted side effects or complications.

Daily care after the surgery

Usually, after the surgery, certain medication will be prescribed in order to ease the pain or help with the recovery. You don’t have to take painkillers for more than three days, and if you are still feeling pain you should consult the surgeon. You need to take extra care and use special shampoos after the surgery. Before the first shower (when you can start showering depends on the type of the procedure, but it is usually after three days) you need to keep the scalp clean by spraying a saline solution. This solution can make your head itchy, but make sure to refrain from any scratching. Let it heal, and be patient.

Be careful during the showers

Special care is also needed during the showers. Do not let the water come in direct contact with your head for at least 8 days. Use special shampoos and make sure not to scrub your head too hard. You can start combing your hair after a week but make sure you do it gently.

Hair dying after the surgery – when is the right time?

You had the hair transplantation, got the stitches removed, and now you are wondering when you can go back to your favorite color. As mentioned before, post-operative care is a delicate procedure and you need to wait a while before dying your hair again. Hair dying isn’t recommended until 4 to 5 weeks after the surgery. However, this depends on your current situation and the process of your recovery.

Swelling is perfectly normal so don’t be afraid

The doctor probably told you about the swelling, but you might have still been a bit woozy after the surgery, and couldn’t pay attention. Although it may vary from patient to patient, it can increase in first few days so no need to panic. After a few days it will subside, and you can treat the swelling with ice packs.

As with every post-operative procedure, you need to rest and limit your physical activity. Forget about the gym or jogging during the first two weeks and avoid any heavy lifting. Be patient and follow the instructions in order to fully recover from this procedure.


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